Dutch Doors Inspiration

Something I have never gotten to actually to use in a design project, but I am dying for the opportunity is… Dutch doors, or stable doors as the Brits call it! But they are so much better than just a stall door for Mr. Ed these days! I think they are such a versatile way to let the beautiful weather inside without allowing in any unwelcome critters or letting out small children. On my recent AMAZING visit to the California coast, all the charming shops of Carmel had Dutch doors with the top part open and inviting for customers. All retailers know an open door attracts shoppers, but often they don’t want to allow their store mascot, aka their dog, to run amuck in the streets. Dutch doors are the perfect solution!

dutch door arched

dutch dark door

dutch door with windows entry

dutch door by bench

dutch door shed
They are not just for exterior doors either, but a great alternative for a baby gate when a new addition quickly becomes a hard-to-corral toddler!

dutch door nursery

I am thinking of suggesting a Dutch door on a new remodel project I am currently designing as the back door leading to the pool. How nice would it be to open the top and set out a glass of lemonade for the kiddos to grab, without tracking wet feet through the house over and over? A great way to keep the kids out and the puppy in, or the reverse, depending on the situation!