About Andrea Maulden

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With strong attention to detail and a flare for the unexpected, I can ensure that my clients receive the very best in design and home furnishings.  I really strive to take in my clients needs and present exquisite options based on careful consideration of the function of their particular home.  Having spent time studying the architecture and interiors in Paris and London, I have found that I like to add a classic European touch to my design strategy, even if I am working on a beach home or condominium.  After working on a variety of styles and budgets over the past 8 years, what I love most about each new client is the challenge of taking a blank canvas of walls, floors, and ceilings and turning it into a home.   Whether it be a full time residence or a vacation haven, I am dedicated to making the design reflect my clients wants, as well as needs.

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2 thoughts on “About Andrea Maulden

  1. Hello Andrea, I would like to know where in Europe we can get the arabesque or quatrefoil shaped kitchen tiles? I’m searching but can’t find, maybe you could help me? thank you in advance 😉

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