The 5th Dimension

Well, I just wrote a long, detailed blog about how great I think it is to paint ceilings and the whole thing deleted without saving. So…here goes trying to recreate my brilliant witty entry, haha!

9 out 10 people I work with in helping make builder selections choose to paint their ceilings a flat white that matches their trim color. And that is the best decision for most of them. It keeps things light and airy, which is the look we are going for, since we live in Florida and we all want at least the illusion of cool in the hot and humid Summers. I actually prefer to paint the ceilings 50% strength of the wall color, which helps give the illusion of taller ceiling heights, and makes a more seamless transition.
However, another option for those with a bit bolder taste, should definitely consider painting their ceilings a completely different color altogether!
The spec house I am working on now in SoWal has all white walls and trim with ceilings in Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue @ 50% strength and has turned out beautifully! If I do say so myself, of course.
palladian blue sample

Don’t worry about trying to recreate the Sistine Chapel, (and please please, I beg of you, don’t paint cutesy clouds on your ceiling. Your are not going to “trick” yourself into thinking you are outside. Sorry!)
Here are a few other ideas for a painted ceiling ranging from the sophisticated to the dramatic… enjoy!
pained ceiling green

painted ceiling black

painted ceiling khaki

painted ceiling light blue

painted ceiling purple

painted ceiling coral


3 thoughts on “The 5th Dimension

  1. Andrea thank you for your post I will try this on my next project. I really like the depth it gives to the room.
    Donna Callahan

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