Trend Alert: Shagreen!

One of the newest trends I noticed at the latest market was something I hope is around for a long while, Shagreen.  Shagreen is traditionally considered an untanned rawhide, but more recently (well if you consider the late 1700’s to be recent anyway) is the term for shark or ray skin with a granular texture.  The trend had spanned both the home and clothing accessories market covering everything from tables, chairs, and picture frames to wallets, keychains, and jewelry!  While it is commonly a pale greenish color, artisans are now dyeing this in a variety of colors across the rainbow.  See some great examples below and keep an eye out for this trend in magazines and stores this Spring!

shagreen close up

shagreen bed shagreen desk shagreen console shagreen green chair

shagreen boxes shagreen planner shagreen boxe shagreen clutch shagreen cuff shagreen shell


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