Shape up your kitchen backsplash!

While searching through scores of absolutely amazing glass tiles for kitchen backsplash, one thing I found was that squares were living up to its boring name.  There are so many other shapes and patterns out there that can make a great statement, why stick with square 1×1 or 2×2 tiles just because that is what is most common.  I am loving the Oceanside hexagon shaped tile to start, but diamond patterns, chevrons, and even brick pattern rectangles all add so much interest in a small space such as a kitchen backsplash.  Since typically you don’t need that much material, I think this is a great place to splurge in your home and make the most of the area you really live in.  Also, everyone knows kitchens have great resale value, so keep that in mind when you are renovating or remodeling.  Check out some of the options below that I can’t wait to use on upcoming design projects!  I think I am going to use the hexagon shaped Tessera Oceanside Glass Tile in “Beach Blonde” first, so I will be sure to post before and after pictures upon completion!

Arabesque Walker Zanger


Quatrefoil Walker Zanger

Oceanside glass tile

Artistic Tile

Oceanside offset waters

Artistic Tile

Oval glass tile

Ann Sacks

Ravenna Tile

Ravenna Chevron Tile

Ravenna tile

Love them all!  What’s your favorite?


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