Adding another layer of texture with wallpaper!

Ralph Lauren wallpaper

In my latest search for a modern wallpaper I have come across some new textures and designs that I just had to share.  Though the options are limitless and I could list pictures for days, I have narrowed it down to these as some of my new favs.  I love how you can really play with dimension and depth with wallpaper and transform a dull space into something to talk about.  A professor of mine in college told us that the only appropriate place for wallpaper was a powder bath, but I couldn’t disagree more!  Wallpaper can be great in any room when done right so check out a few of these examples and see what you think!  Also, wallpaper is a great way to hide flaws in older homes and buildings that may not have perfectly smooth drywall or level surfaces.

Wallpaper by Thibaut

Watelet from Designers Guild

Anthropologie wallpaper

Though a bedroom can be a bit riskier to make a commitment to printed wallpaper, I think in this case it looks amazing.  Also, with wallpaper you don’t feel the need to cover the wall with art, so a simple series like above can be plenty for the room.

dining room designed by Suzanne Kasler

Grasscloth wallpaper is a timeless and classic way to add sophistication to a room while keeping things simple.  With this look, the grasscloth allows for more layers such as sconces and art and drapes without things getting too busy or hectic. 

A drab entry way is a terrific place to try wallpaper.  Since usually this space sets the tone for the rest of the home, a dramatic wallpaper can let guests get a great first impression.


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