Christmas decor on a dime

I was recently asked by the local newspaper for some ideas to decorate for Christmas on a budget.  This got me thinking of ways to use local and household items in different ways for the Holiday season to transform you home without breaking the bank.  Also, if you are like me, you don’t have a ton of storage space to put away decorations after January 1st, so you don’t want to be stuck with bulky fragile items you won’t need again for 11 ish months.  Of course, nothing says it’s the Holidays like cookies baking and Elvis Christmas music playing, but even a minimal amount of decorations can really get you and yours in the spirit of the season.  Before you hit the stores however, check your yard for some great decorating staples absolutely free.  Leafless tree branches and pinecones are great ways to bring nature indoors and creat a stunning centerpiece or mantle displays without leaving your own front yard.  Pinecones can be dipped in leftover paint, sprinkled with glitter, stung together as garland, or simply placed in a glass bowl.  Meanwhile tree branches can be quite a showstopper as a dramatic centerpiece all by themselves or mixed with a strand of Christmas lights.  See several examples below!

Another great way to glam up your home for Christmas, New Year’s, or even Hanukkah is to stop by a Dollar General and pick up a few of their glass candle holders and then spray paint them with Krylon’s “Looking Glass” paint.  This simple project can certainly add festivity to you home as well as a little sparkle.  Mix with Christmas lights or flameless candles and watch them twinkle!  This paint would work on any glass object so get creative with some pieces you have laying around and be amazed by the transformation from drab and boring to festive and reflective!  I think it was Jeff Foxworthy that said “say it with Krylon.”  Of course I don’t think he meant Merry Christmas, but it still applies!

Finally, don’t buy on impulse or just because something is on sale.  Sometimes we end up with tons of small objects and pieces that don’t work with our homes which can make for a junky display.  My home is decorated in khaki, white, aqua, and touches of chartreuse therefore I decorate for Christmas in similar colors and play up the silver and gold so that things still are festive but don’t clash with my everyday decor.  I can’t and won’t pack up half my house just to make room for Christmas.  Who has the time and energy for that?  By intergrating my home for Christmas with neutral colors and natural materials, I accentuate without creating stress and chaos for myself and my family.  Every year I can’t resist buying new decorations for the house, but I try to always make sure they will work in the bigger picture and not just because it is a great deal or the last one left.   Also, I consider spending a bit more if the item is a neutral and constructed with quality, since I may can use it year around.  For example, I have a creamy white shaved wood wreath for my front door with a green holly ribbon for Christmas.  But all I have to do is change the ribbon and I can use that same wreath for other holidays and seasons.  Same goes for some interior decorations that you may find. 


Pillow available for saleChamplagne, Gold, and White are great neutrals that can be used year around!