Batik is the New Black

The way Rachel Zoe feels about clothes is much the same as I feel about fabrics. And not just any fabrics, but fabulous fabrics for great prices! Check out this batik print fabric that I recently bought and made pillows with.  This is part of one of my favorite designers fabric collections, Groundworks by Kelly Wearstler sold through Schumacher.  I would love to see a whole chair in this and think draperies would be amazing in a large repeat and a bold color like this is.  I heard from a little bird, that Ms. Wearstler was coming out with a line of clothing, so perhaps Rachel Zoe will “D-I-E” over this the way I did!

Though Batik technically refers to a fabric that uses a handprocessed wax resist dyeing technique orginated from places such as Indonesia, India, Japan, etc. for interior design purposes use the term Batik and Ikat to descibe a type of design.   Other examples of batik fabrics in various applications can be see below.


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