“Angel” Trees

So I found this little guy on my last trip to Atlanta, and everyone was right. When you know, you just know! It is love, and that is L-O-V-E, not L-U-V.  Not only is there a tabletop and a floor version, they are both collapsible so when the season is over you can pack them up in there little box and still have room to hang you coats in the coat closet! 

Now, lets be honest, we have all seen the really cheap feather trees in department stores and they are tacky and a bit ridiculous.  This is NOT that tree.  Though, the booth where I found it didn’t have it displayed the greatest, I picture this tree mixed with driftwood wreaths, pearl garland, and a burlap treeskirt.  I am crazy about mixing fabrics and textures that are not traditionally combined, and that is my goal with my display at this year’s Holly Fair.  I am going for a Holiday Glam look, which I don’t believe anyone else will be doing.  Come check it out this November 11th-13th and the Boardwalk Beach Resort on Panama City Beach!


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